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Nutritionist: Sugar

Sugar is like crack.  I love it.  It is currently 8AM and I would eat all three of these cupcakes now if there was not consequence.  I associate sugar with being a kid, birthday parties, holiday parties, little tea parties......nothing can go wrong if there are cookies and cupcakes there.  How many occasions can you remember where you did not enjoy a sugary treat?  Like crack, sugar lifts you up, then smacks you down.  Your body gets high, and then has to experience an inevitable low.  Also, your body craves more in the low.  Nature grows foods in a "complete" form, and it is suggested that we eat them that way.  When we do we get each plant's unique combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates.  Our bodies are built naturally to metabolize these familliar sources of nutrition.  When we eat foods from which bits and pieces have been removed through processing, our bodies get confused and stressed out trying to identify the missing elements and make up for them.  Processed, incomplete foods such as sugar, send your body into a spin of imbalance.  Consider this, cocaine comes from the Coca leaf, and heroin comes from the Poppy flower.  It's not the plant that creates something to make your body high, it is the process that it is put through.  The processing of the leaf/plants cuase the imbalance which gives your body the intensity. short, gnawing on a piece of sugar cane is fine, you body can handle it naturally, but eat a frosted cupcake, and you'll experience a rush, then a low.  For these reasons sugar creates problems for your body and mind.  Plus it is addictive!  What is considered sugar then?  Stay away from any ingredient ending in ose.....dextrose, glucose, sucrose.....etc.  Also, includes white sugars.  But like you, I will not last long without the promise of dessert in my future.  There is hope!  Desserts help me to relax and prevent me from overeating.  Go to your local health food market and I promise there are tons of desserts created to titilate healthy people like you and me. Nutritionists have worked hard to treat us, I promise.  With desserts made from whole grain flour, and sweeters that are complex carbohydrates, like rice syrup your body can actually use the dessert as energy that won't make you crash.

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